As with the air conditioner, a water heater is an essential appliance that you use all the year. With a small maintenance check, you can enhance the life and efficiency of the tankless water heater. Whether you have experienced any problem related to the water heater or not, you should focus on its maintenance. 

But the main question arises in the homeowner’s mind is: “How many times should we check the water heater unit”? To some extent, this question also strikes your mind. Hence, here comes the fruitful checklist guide that you need to know about the maintenance of your water heater.

How many times should you check the tank? 

If the hot water tank is located in the room, you should frequently check it. There are various things you need to check while inspecting the water heater tank, including weird noises, leaks, and so on.

In the case the water heater is located at any conspicuous place, you can inspect it in between a few months. By monthly inspection, you get the surety about the accurate working of the water heater. 

Things to look for: 

There is some hidden issue associated with the water heater, even if the water heater is working correctly. Here is the list of some indications that you can check while inspecting the unit:

  • Different kinds of noises
  • Water leakage 
  • Pungent odors
  • Clanking 

Aside from these signs, here are a few things more on which you need to keep an eagle eye that including:

  • Surging in electricity
  • Hot water but discolored

Besides the information mentioned above, you need to prepare the checklist for the maintenance of the water heater so that you can enjoy the hot water shower.

Tankless Water Heater Maintenance Checklist

So, let’s discuss the checklist to enhance the life of tankless water heaters: 

1. Lessen the Temperature 

The proper maintenance of the water heater will save energy. If you consider the low-temperature setting, it will help reach the temperature faster. The working of the water heater will also be reduced which enhances its life. Additionally, you can save more than five percent in energy charges for every ten degrees you decrease the temperature.

2. Turn off the Water Heater if You are Not Using it.

Generally, individuals turn the power on of the water heater mainly in the morning when they are not using it. It is because everyone wants to enjoy a warm shower before going to work. But the latest models of water heaters require only five minutes to warm the water.

If you keep the water heater on for a more extended period, it can have an impact on the life of the equipment. On the other hand, to enjoy the smooth working of the water heater, you should turn it off the water heater.

3. Check the Valves 

Do not commence the inspection of the water heater directly. What you need to do is check all the valves of temperature and pressure. If you slightly raise the lever, you will hear the voice of running water into the drain tube. Hence, consider this step before taking any action.

4. Do not Forget to Check the Plugs.

If there is low-capacity wiring in the power socket, there are sparks. You may also observe the burn marks on plugs. The reasons behind the burn mark are higher power wattage heats pins, including the plugs.

Hence, it is essential to use the top-notch quality of products for preventing sparks as well as power fluctuation scenarios. Besides this, keep one thing in your mind: switch the heater on when you are using it; otherwise, turn it off. By doing this, you will be able to prevent unwanted heat.

5. Replacement of Anode Rod Once in Three or Five Years

This anode rod is one kind of sacrificial device that prevents corroding in the water heater. The anode rods are steel tubes made from aluminum, zinc, and so on. The rod works on attracting those elements which lead to oxidation.

If there is no anode rod in the water heater, it will corrode quickly. Hence, do not forget to replace the rod once in the time frame of three to five years. Additionally, you can set the maintenance schedule to inspect an anode rod from a professional water heater repair.

6. Flush the Heater Numerous Times Per Year 

Aqua that consists of calcium carbonate at a concentration of more than 180 mg/l is categorized as “hard water.” This water can lead to numerous health effects and lessen the heater’s efficiency.

To get rid of hard water, you can consider a whole house aqua softener, including softener. It will be helpful in the reduction of sediments and filter work on minimizing the contaminants.

7. Refill the Tank

After checking the water heater, spend time closing the valves and letting the water come into the water heater. Get access to the tank for refilling and check all the valves again. By checking the valves, you will get the surety that the water heater system is working accurately.

So, these are essential steps that you need to consider to maintain a tankless water heater. If you do not have time to check the water heater, all you can do is hire professionals.

Benefits of Considering Water Heater Repair: 

Doubtlessly, hot water becomes the necessity of every homeowner and brings comfort in life. You may depend on a water heater for various activities that include cleaning, bathing, and so on. 

If there is a problem with the water heater, it will affect all these tasks. In general, licensed plumbers can fix water heaters. You will get plenty of benefits that include:

1. Reduction in Energy and Water Bills 

 If the water heater has a problem, it will not work efficiently. As a result, it will not provide hot water when you use the tap for work. It means water will run longer, and there will be an increment in water bills. The reason is that the water heater will utilize more energy for achieving accurate results. Air source heat pump is best to save lots of energy.

2. Top-notch Quality of Hot Water 

The struggling water heater will not fulfill all your daily requirements. If your water heater requires repair, the homeowners may feel the inconsistency in hot water. Additionally, there is also mineral buildup in the old water heater, which may have a drastic impact on the water heater’s elements. It will result in a pungent smell, metallic taste, and many more.

The professional water heater repair service team will quickly resolve all these issues. As a result, you will enjoy bathing as well as other activities.

3. Professional Advice 

Various perks are linked with calling the professional service. You will get the golden opportunity to ask questions from professionals. In other words, you will get professional advice. The professional will guide you on whether you want to change the water heater or not. 

They will also provide preventative maintenance tips and teach how to care for the water heater.

4. Well-trained and Experienced Experts 

The water heater repairing service has a professional team who are experts in their field. These experts got proper training regarding water heater repair. Additionally, they are well-versed in fixing different kinds of issues associated with tankless water heaters.

No doubt, you try to work on the maintenance of the water heater, but you cannot match the expert level. Sometimes, DIY methods also fail, and there are more chances that you may do the wrong steps than the right ones. So, to avoid all these tragedies or unnecessary accidents, you must hire professionals.

5. Energy Efficient 

The professional provides the supreme quality of upgrades that enhances the energy efficiency of the tankless water heater. Additionally, a water heater repaired by experts will become energy efficient. As a result, the life of this electrical appliance will also enhance.

 Due to all these reasons, you may require professional service to maintain the water heater. If you know the repair work, you can also do maintenance.

Final Thoughts

By reading the information mentioned above, you get an idea about how to maintain the water heater accurately. To enhance its life, you should consider frequent water heater servicing. You can hire a professional team and discuss the problems associated with your tankless water heater. 

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