A modular kitchen can be defined as a flexible and modern method of designing a kitchen. It is a method that allows you to decorate your kitchen using different tools, items, and functions. You can install different types of cabinets in your kitchen for storage purposes. If there is a small kitchen in your house and you want to make it look more extensive, you can follow some ideas provided in this guide.

Here are some of the designs and ideas that can help you to make your small kitchen look attractive according to modern style:

1. Add a Rug

If you want to make a new kitchen in your house or decorate your existing small kitchen, you can add a rug to your kitchen. You can also add a carpet in your kitchen if you are interested in the kitchen remodeling process. You should choose the color of the rug that could match your kitchen’s paint to make it look more attractive.

The rug will be helpful for you to keep the kitchen warm and overwhelming. You can select the carpet of any design according to your choice. There are plenty of mats available in the market. These are available in different colors and patterns. If you want to customize your rug, you can consult the manufacturing company.

2. Installation of Glass Doors

You can install glass doors in your small kitchen to provide a luxurious look. You cannot establish such entries if you have an open kitchen combined with the living area. But if you have a separate room for the kitchen, you can install glass doors to make the kitchen look more attractive and modern. You can consult any professional company for kitchen renovation services.

The glass doors provide a luxurious look to a small kitchen and make the kitchen look more significant than its actual size. If you install the dark theme in the kitchen, the glass doors will provide a more luxurious look to your kitchen. The dark theme may be referred to as the furniture of dark color. It would be best if you kept the shelves open according to the modern way. You can also display the antiques.

3. Creation of Pull-Out Pantry

If you have a small kitchen and want storage space, you can install cabinets without doors. And if you do not wish to have so many cabinets in your small kitchen and still want storage space, you can create a pull-out pantry. You can use it to keep valuable kitchen items such as cutlery, jam, noodles, sugar, salt, etc.

You can place it next to your refrigerator. You can also use it for hiding dry fruits or other dry kitchen items. You can pull it out whenever you need to take out anything from it. You can paint it according to the paint of other storage solutions or according to the kitchen walls. It can be made up of wood.

4. Expose the Goods

You can expose the goods of your kitchen to provide an attractive and valuable look to your small kitchen. If you place the wine glass and other glasses on the shelf, it will offer a luxurious and modern look to the kitchen. You can also set the plates and cups on the shelf. You can keep most of the shelves white so that you could brighten up your small kitchen. It is suggested to install wooden shelves in your kitchen for placing the kitchen goods on them.

You should not place the old items on the shelves. You must set the prettiest kitchen items on the shelves which could catch the eye, especially the guests. It would help if you kept the less attractive things in the cabinets or other storage solutions covered with doors. If you decorate your kitchen efficiently, it will reflect your personality.

5. Use Blend-In Technique

If you have a small kitchen and want to provide it with a luxurious look, you must use the blend-in technique. You should blend everything as much as you can. It depends upon your creativity how much you can blend and what items you include in blending.

For instance, if the color of your kitchen furniture is white or off-white, you should paint the walls with white or off-white paint. You should keep the refrigerator in silver color. The color of the cabinets should also be of white or off-white color. The color of the windows must also be white or any other nude color.

You should not have curtains for the windows of your kitchen. Most of the items and furniture of your kitchen must be of light colors such as white, light pink, light brown, etc. If you place any mat in your kitchen, it must also match the theme of your kitchen, i.e., it must also blend with other items.

6. Installation of Reflective Surfaces

Final Thoughts

If you are remodeling your small kitchen, you must follow the trends in society to make it more attractive. If you are not aware of the modern styles, designs, and ideas, you should hire a professional or get guidance from the internet for kitchen renovation. You can use a glass door in your kitchen if you have a separate room for a kitchen. If your kitchen is combined with your living area, the chairs of the table must be lowered. You can use the blend-in technique for your small kitchen. These are the best small modular kitchen design and ideas from The Heaven World.

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