It’s a good thing to let the sunshine enter your home, but there are various parts of your home that might not have the chance to welcome sunshine. In those parts of the home, we take the help of lamps or other lights so that we can do the essential work out there. Apart from that, to keep the indoor air fresh, you can take the help of houseplants where there is no sunlight.

Moreover, if you talk about the office, then there are various house plants which can keep the air fresh as your desk doesn’t reach direct sunlight. So, if you want to know the names of those plants to decorate your office desk or home desk, then read this blog till the end.

Top 9 Small Desk Plants that Doesn’t Need Sunlight

Here is the list top inddor small desk plats fo you deck setups without required of any sunlight.

1. Bromeliad

It is also called Broleliaceae, a tropical plant that shows vibrant pops of shade to the people with the time. It offers a unique look and tropical feel because of which it is the top choice among people. Apart from office or home desk, it also looks best on shelves, table-tops, floor, but it wholly depends upon species.

2. Cast-Iron Plant

It is a hardy plant that can easily thrive in varied weather conditions, which also include no sunlight. However, if you keep this plant in direct sunlight, it can scorch and burn its leaves. Apart from that, it grows slowly and needs very low maintenance to keep alive. For more info about this plant, contact a certified arborist.

Therefore, the cast iron plant is one of the perfect choices for people having a busy schedule. The green leaves of this plant add a green touch to any part of the house. On top of that, it is considered a pet-safe houseplant according to ASPCA.

3. Dracaena

Dracaena, or Dragon tree, is another houseplant that does not need sunlight to thrive, and it is easy to care for at your home. This plant comes in varied varieties, and it looks best on desks, shelves, floor décor, and tabletops. However, if you talk about its look, it has a tree-like look which looks best on the floor of the house.

Dracaenas mainly grow best in bright and indirect light, but they can also survive in low and medium light. Moreover, this plant is considered the top among the air-purifying plants that can easily filter toxins in your home.

4. Snake Plant

This plant has sharp-pointed leaves because of which it is also known as Mother’s in Law’s Tongue. It not only looks best on the desk instead but also offers an attractive look in the part of the house. Apart from that, the Snake plant is best for forgetful plant owners as it needs less care.

It has visibly striped green and white leaves, which can easily add a pop of color to any area of the home or business. Moreover, this plant can also absorb CO2 and release oxygen at night. On top of that, the snake plant is one of the hardiest plants that can survive even weeks of neglect.

5. English Lvy

English ivy is another wonderful climbing plant that can easily drab any wall which looks like fresh work of art. However, it also looks great on trellises, fences, and various other places that allow its vines to grow. If you talk about its growth, it mainly grows in bright indirect light, but it can also tolerate low light as well.

Moreover, if you want to see its beautiful shades, it needs more indirect light, which you can watch through its leaves. But ensure not to show this plant a direct light as it can demise its growth.

6. Chinese Evergreen

Chinese evergreen is one of the best easy to grow indoor plants that don’t need direct sunlight to grow. However, most people think it is the best plant if you are new to indoor plants. The flowers of this plant look very similar to the calla lilies and look best on the floor, tabletops, desks, and in open spaces.

Another best part, it made it to NASA’s list of air-filtering houseplants. Like any other plant, the Chinese evergreen must not be placed in direct sunlight to avoid scorched leaves.

7. Peace Lily

Peace lilies are another houseplant that enjoys low to medium light, and they can also thrive in fluorescent light. However, if you want this plant to produce more white flowers, it needs more light. It is true that this plant can also thrive in low light, but it will produce fewer flowers. Apart from that, the peace lily is also one of the best plants to purify the air.

Well, it is not the true lily, but it looks like lilies as the white petal grows around the yellow flowers.

8. Silver Queen

The scientific name of this houseplant is Aglaonema which is the variant of evergreen plants. This plant prefers low light conditions due to light green speckled leaves. Silver queen is a perfect indoor houseplant, but it is quite sensitive to cold.

Moreover, you can see this plant in most offices or home spaces which is known to be grown anywhere around 8 inches to 4 feet in height. On top of that, the silver queen is an extremely hardy and durable plant making it the perfect choice for plant novices.

9. Prayer Plant

This plant, called the prayer plant, is mainly known for its pink veins and oval leaves, and its leaves fold like hands prepared to pray at night. According to decoration experts, it looks best on hanging baskets, but you can keep it on the desks, tabletops, or shelves as well.

However, it can quickly grow in bright and indirect light but can also thrive in low light as well. If by chance, this plant doesn’t get enough light, the leaves will close in the evening time and will not reopen. Moreover, the leaves will start fading if they do not get enough light and need high humidity and moist soil.

Final Thoughts

These are some of the best indoor houseplants that can quickly grow without sunlight or low light. So, if you want your home or office to look beautiful and fresh, choose from the above plants to make the indoor environment fresh. But ensure to take care of them for the attractive look and contact professional tree healthcare for advice. However, also ensure to call professional tree healthcare for any type of advice about the health of the plants.

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