Doors are not only an important component of any property, but they also bring elegance and grace to it. There is a wide range of different doors available in the markets nowadays, and each one has its benefits and disadvantages in terms of style, design, and usability. One of these doors is the panel door which is a lot in fashion nowadays and is usually used as the entrance door. 

What is a Panel Door?

As the name clearly says, a Panel door has panels that are put together to create the entire look of the door. For example, a six-panel door will have a set of six rectangles or squares inside the door. These panels are usually surrounded by rails and mullions. Usually, wood, aluminum, and glass are used in the construction of a panel door. Let’s have a look at the pros and cons of a panel door to help you decide if you want to install such a door at your property or not. 

Pros of a Panel Door 

1- Durability

Most of the panel doors are preferred because of their extreme durability. They are hard and strong, which is why they are mostly used as exterior or main doors. As it gets very hard to even punch a hole inside a panel door, they provide an extra bit of safety to the residents. It gets extremely difficult to break through a panel door; therefore, the risk of robbery is also reduced.

2- Elegant Designs

Panel doors come in different styles and usually have elegant and beautiful designs. Widely used in construction to add value to a house, panel doors can be designed as per the demand of the client. Mostly they are categorized in terms of panels which vary in numbers and shapes like single paneled doors and so on. Moreover, panel doors are also categorized in terms of construction materials like wood or glass.

3- Low Maintenance

Most of the panel doors require less maintenance due to their extreme durability. These doors don’t get damaged too often, which is why they need very little maintenance. But as wood can decay with time, panel doors start giving a worn-out look and might look rough. The good thing is that you can call a painter to either give your panel door a neat finish or change its color altogether with the help of wood polish.  

4- Sound and Weather Proof

The best thing about a panel door is that it is sound and weatherproof. As panel doors are used as the main entrance doors, keeping external noise from getting inside is important. They act as a resistor to the external noises of cars etc. and keep a quiet environment inside your house. Furthermore, in extreme weather conditions like wind and hailstorms, the durability of these doors will play its part. This is why they are known as weatherproof doors, and they don’t get any damages in such conditions.

5- Eco Friendly and Moisture Resistant

Another major advantage of having paneled doors installed at your house is that they are environment-friendly. Flush doors release different sorts of gases, but you won’t see it happening when it comes to paneled doors. Moreover, panel doors are moisture-resistant, and that is a plus point. You won’t see mold growing on them easily, which is why they don’t wear out too soon and don’t need maintenance often. 

6- Easy to Install

Panel doors are widely used because they are easy to install. Most of the panel doors are lighter in weight and can be easily carried to the construction site. Moreover, hollow core panel doors don’t cost much, which is why many people use them. With a simple installation procedure, a panel door can be installed at your property in a matter of minutes. Also, get carpentry services for installations.

Cons of a Panel Door

1- High Cost 

When you move towards more finely constructed panel doors, the cost starts to rise a lot. Solid panel doors are high in terms of cost just because they last longer than other panel doors. Furthermore, glass panel doors look extremely beautiful, but they are also very expensive. The glass used in panel doors is very expensive, which increases the price of the door. 

2- Daily Cleaning Requirement

A panel door may require low maintenance, and most of them are eco-friendly; however, they need to be regularly cleaned. A wooden panel door gets most of the dust and dirt and, unfortunately, retains it. As a result, your door will not look beautiful and will give off a very dirty look. Therefore, if you have a panel door at your house, then clean it regularly so that it shines and looks clean all the time. Or also get professional door services for this procedure.

3- Glass Panel Doors Offer Less Privacy and Resistance

Panel doors are usually soundproof and weatherproof, but that doesn’t mean that all panel doors offer the same benefits. Wooden panel doors usually have these properties and block the view of outsiders, but that is not the case with glass panel doors. Glass doors can’t stop people from looking inside of your house, which is usually a serious concern for many people. Furthermore, any hard blow to your glass panel doors can cause cracks, so they are not used very often. 

4- Growth of Termite 

A panel door generally requires less maintenance, but you will have to take good care of it if you want it to last long. Keeping an eye on it to get any simpler damage repaired on time is very important. Wooden paneled doors are most of the time exposed to termites which can completely damage them. At this point, calling a professional termite control company to remove and control termites is important. Once you get rid of termites, you can get the damages repaired.

When we talk about panel doors, they are very commonly used nowadays. They are made from various types of materials and are available in many different designs for you to choose from. Panel doors have more pros than cons and increase the beauty of a house which is why you should consider installing these doors if you are looking for new doors for your house.

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