It is not wise to forcefully open a safe if you have misplaced your key or forgotten the combination. Doing this can damage your lock, leading you to a bigger problem than the one you are already stuck in. It is quite easy to lose your keys or forget the lock combinations. So, what should you do? The answer is very simple: call a professional and competent locksmith. A locksmith can easily open your safe for you without a key right there in a very short time. Are you wondering how is that possible? Let’s see some ways through which you can even open your safe without a key or a combination. But before diving into that, it is essential to know about some common types of safes. So, let’s look into them. 

Types of Safes 

There are several types of safes easily available in the market. Firearm safes, flame-resistant safes, de-mountable safes, and luxurious safes are some of them. Yet, most safes can be put into one of two classes.

Dial safes 

A dial safe is very commonly used and is the choice of many people. These safes have been in use for many years. A simple dial safe has a dial on its outside which opens when turned in a particular fashion or pattern. Many individuals favor dial safes over digital safes since they don’t work on power strings or batteries.

Digital safe

Digital safes are also very commonly available in the market, and many business owners favor digital safes to dial safes. Most digital safes can get disabled if various inaccurate passcode entries are made. A digital safe may have its cons, but overall it is highly durable and dependable.

Opening a Dial Safe Without a Key and Combination

When it comes to opening safes without a key and combination, a person might find it easier to open a dial safe compared to a digital safe. Moreover, you might think of just cutting through or breaking the dial as the first option when you decide to open a dial safe. However, damaging a safe must be kept as a last option as several other methods can easily open a dial safe for you. Here is an easy method to open a dial safe without a key or a combination:

Most dial safes have an emergency key that you can use if you forget the dial pattern. But you can open the safe without making use of an emergency key as well. The steps for that are as follows:

1- Remove the board that has the safe’s dial. Removing the dial board is very simple, and you can do it with just your hands. Attempting to remove the board from the dial by using a fork or such tool is not a wise option and may harm the safe.

2- When you have taken out the dial board, look closely at the actual dial. You will find an emergency keyhole present beneath the dial. The emergency keyhole is normally intended to mix with the safe, so you may not spot it immediately. You can insert a pin or make use of a screwdriver inside the emergency keyhole and rotate it clockwise. This will easily open the dial safe for you.

Opening a Digital Safe Without a Key and Combination

A large portion of the advanced safes come with an additional key that can be used to open the safe physically. But if you have forgotten the passcode and don’t have the emergency key, several methods can be used to open a digital safe. Two of them are:

1- Restoring the Power of the Digital Keypad

Digital safes face problems when the power of the electronic keypad runs out. However, some simple troubleshooting can open your digital safe, and here is how:

  • Look for the battery case on the digital panel of the safe. Once you find the battery case remove it carefully from the panel. Most of the battery casings are tightened by the screws, so proper care should be taken to avoid any damage. 
  • The next step is simple and involves the changing of batteries. It is important to ensure that the changed batteries are of the same voltage and type. Once you change the batteries, you will see the lights turned on the keypad. 
  • After changing the batteries, the next step is to provide a power supply to the digital pad. Once you plug-in the power, it starts charging automatically.
  • Once the keypad gets charged, you can simply open it by using the previous passcode, or you can easily reset it. When the power supply is changed, the safe opens automatically, and you will have to set up a new passcode.

2- Other Common Methods 

Using these methods involves the use of certain hardware, but you should be very careful and shouldn’t try to cut through your safe. Two of these methods are:

With the Help of a Knife

Most of the digital safes have a keyhole for the emergency keys to be used. However, when you don’t have that key, a knife can prove to be useful. You can simply insert the knife inside the keyhole, and twisting it will disengage the digital mechanism. After that, your safe will immediately open. However, this method must be used in the case of cheaper safes. 

With the Help of a Screwdriver 

Just like a knife, a screwdriver can also open a digital safe for you. But for that, a screwdriver must be flat-headed. Insert the flat-headed screwdriver inside the keyhole and move it anti-clockwise. Move it till the time you feel the lock mechanism breaking. Once the mechanism is broken, the safe will automatically open. However, you must remember that you won’t be able to lock your safe again once you break the lock mechanism. 

So, now you must have very sound knowledge of how to open different locks without a key and combination. But you should avoid using these methods on your own and call a commercial locksmith in Denver for help to avoid any unnecessary damages to your safes.

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