The kitchen window over the sink is ubiquitous. Indeed, the window over the sink is the best to get a perfect view and light. The other walls of the kitchen are occupied with cabinets and shelves. It is recommended not to have a cabinet above the sink as there is a chance of splashing often. To utilize that place, a kitchen window is the best option. In addition to providing light and a good view, you can also show some creativity through the kitchen window over the sink.

Here are some kitchen window ideas.

1. Window Curtains

Most people think that window curtains are old-fashioned. According to them, a window curtain takes away the real purpose of having light and view windows. But window curtains are good if you need some privacy, and they can enhance the kitchen window if you choose the right curtain.

Window curtains come in many sizes, shapes, and materials. Choosing the suitable material for the curtain for the kitchen window over the sink is very important. As you already know that there is much splashing in the sink so the curtains can become dirty in a single day. But you can choose curtains that are wipeable so you can clean them regularly.

Now comes the size of the curtains; it is entirely up to you whether you want to cover the whole window or not. Choosing the color of the curtain is also your choice as the curtains should be compatible with the kitchen’s theme. Curtains always play important role in kitchen renovation.

2. Small Raised Windows

Small raised windows are used in the kitchen when the ceiling is high. These windows are slightly raised to give a good view. Most of the time, such windows are fixed. Sometimes these windows are just for symmetry with other windows of the house.

3. Window Blinds

Commonly window blinds are considered a boring option. But for the kitchen window, it is regarded as a good option as it blends with the kitchen’s theme. It will give a defined look to the window and is easy to maintain. Blinds are made of material that can be wiped so you can clean them regularly.

Blinds offer you privacy and let the light in. window blinds are suitable for only those windows that have a proper shape; otherwise, you cannot place blinds on the windows with different forms. Blinds come in different colors, so you can easily match them with the other things in your kitchen.

4. Casement Window

These windows are fixed to the frame. You cannot open these windows. These are good for the areas where you cannot directly open the window. These windows are affordable to install.

5. Window Rollers

A window roller is another good option for the kitchen window over the sink. The best thing about the window roller is that it can match any theme of your kitchen. Kitchen rollers are not expensive at all and are highly durable.

It is suitable for those who need privacy and wants to block excessive light. You do not have to worry about cleaning the window rollers as they are wipeable and can easily be maintained.

6. Picture Window

If you have a fantastic view outside your kitchen, you should go for a picture window over the sink. It will give a clear and proper view of the outside. Through these windows, you can also keep an eye on your children. 

7. Lights Over the Sink

The primary purpose of having a kitchen window over the sink is light. Keeping this purpose in mind, most people forget to install lights over the sink. Remember that you cannot get light through the window round the clock. There is no sun in the winter or at night, so you need an alternative light source.

It is recommended to have recessed lights over the sink. Recessed lights will not interfere with your view through the window and provide your proper light. The wattage of the light is determined based on the area you want to cover. If you’re going to cover a small space, then a 50-watt bulb is enough. If you’re going to cover a large area like a double basin, you can go for a 90-watt bulb. Place the recessed lights exactly above the sink to avoid any shadows.

You can also use pendant lights above the sink to give a different look to your kitchen. There is a proper guide about the distance you should place the pendant lights to get the perfect lighting.

8. Kitchen Pass Through Window

The pass-through kitchen window over the sink is very useful. If your window opens in the garden, it is effortless to pass the dishes during the barbecue and other events. Pass-through windows can also connect the dining room and kitchen, which is also very handy.

Kitchen pass-through windows are a bit costly. The cost can vary from 500 dollars to 1000 dollars, depending on the type and the size of the window you will install.

9. Bay Window

If you have a bay window over the kitchen sink, then it can be handy. In the bay window, you have three window panes to get the light. It will also give you a broad and attractive view.

With a bay window, you get a place to place some plants. You do not have to worry about watering them and providing them proper sunlight. These plants will add more beauty to your kitchen.

10. Shelf On the Window

To utilize more space, you can also place a shelf above or on the side of the window over the sink. You can use these shelves to put some decoration pieces and plants. You can also place other valuable things related to washing on these shelves too. Make it more attractive by placing the soap and other stuff in unique containers. Instead of a shelf, you can also use this place for wall clocks or place a signboard.

Final Thoughts:

You can enhance the look of your kitchen just by a kitchen window by using any of the ideas. You have to choose the right idea by keeping all the factors in mind.

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