People usually think that securing their doors from being kicked in by burglars or thieves is expensive, which is why they don’t go through with it. However, you will be surprised to know that it is not that expensive and you can get the desired results by spending just a few bucks. You must secure your door to feel safe and secure in your house. Enhancing your house’s security must be your top priority, and you should not compromise on it.

Best Methods To Secure Your Door From Being Kicked In

Here are some effective and easy methods that will help you secure your door from being kicked in. Let us have a look at them.

1. Install a Heavy Door 

Do you have a low-quality door that is not too secure, and you had it installed only for decoration purposes? If that is the case and your locks and bolts have soft or rusty connections, it’s the right time to get them replaced with durable ones. Generally, doors constructed with wood or steel are considered durable. But there are also some strong fiberglass doors and some with wooden cores, which are both stylish and durable. These doors are not easy to break through and have improved locks and hardware. 

2. Install a Security Grill 

The glass sliding door is one of the most difficult doors to protect. A shatterproof film can be applied to the door to keep the intruders away, but it cannot completely stop them. Steel security grills alone cannot completely stop thieves, but you can minimize losses by installing them. This gives you enough time to ring the security system and call for help. Steel security grills are also intimidating enough to thwart many opportunistic attacks on the home. Furthermore, they can be customized as per demands and are very affordable. 

3. Reinforced Door Frame 

An enhanced door frame enhances the security of the door. You can also add a protective shield at the top for additional security. It is very easy to find a complete door reinforcement kit ready to install at most local stores. These kits include a metal strip that fits into the door hinges. Frame reinforcement kits often include hinge protectors, interlock strikers, door checks, and door frame protectors. 

4. Replace Latch Strike Plate 

The deadbolt strike plate is a plate made of metal that engages with the deadbolts on the door frame. This is where most of the kick power is directed. If you look at the door strike plate, you will see that it’s a couple of inches long. The strike plate is usually the place where the door is chipped and broken, making the lock useless. Few changes can be made to the striker plate to dramatically increase the strength of the striker and turn its weaknesses into enhanced strength points. Hence, it will be more difficult to break through the door. 

5. Installation of Door Armor 

Reinforcing the door frame makes it harder to open locked the door, but combining this technique with rugged door armor makes your door even more durable. Door armor is made up of steel parts designed to reinforce the door’s critical areas. This makes the door less vulnerable and slows down anyone trying to break in. By reinforcing the side columns with galvanized steel, the door armor transforms the weakest part of the door into a crash prevention barrier. In addition to the post plate, the door armor contains two door plates that mount on top of existing bolts or strike plates. This is where the door locks are located and is a notorious and vulnerable place. The door shield keeps the deadbolt in place even if the front edge of the door is damaged. The last part which doesn’t allow any intruder to break in is the protector that reinforces the point where the door is attached to the frame. 

6. Install the Deadbolt Lock

Entrance doors that have cheaper and low-quality locks are easily kicked in by thieves. The deadbolt striker plate needs to be replaced to reinforce the hinge. If you need to do this, choose a first-class deadbolt lock that comes with a reliable striker plate. This is one of the safest locks and is considered by a majority of people around the world. According to professional locksmiths, these locks are ranked at the top of the ANSI classification and make your house safe. 

7. Install a Horizontal Safety Bar 

If you want to prevent the door from being kicked at once, install a horizontal safety bar. Steel bird barricades can withstand professional rams that carry heavy impacts. When someone tries to kick the barricade of your steel door, their feet go a long way before they can figure out the weakness of the door. They perform similar functions but are also excellent alternatives to security screens that tend to be unsightly. Installation of a steel safety bar is possible without hassle. To install, use two tie bolts and insert them into the socket bolts near the door frame. Once installed, simply slide the bar slot onto the lug bolt.

8. Install a Top-rated Home Security System

If you have followed all the possible steps for making your doors extra safe, invest in a high-quality security system and forget all the tensions. Surveillance cameras that come with your home security system attached on top of a secured door eliminate any chance of robbery. Many criminals stay away from areas that have cameras and other surveillance evidence and do not even try to break into the door. Motion sensor lighting, which is part of many systems, alerts anyone trying to break in or if someone comes near your home.

Final Thoughts

If you don’t want to spend much and are on a tight budget, the above-shared methods will help you secure your door from being kicked in. These methods are very effective, and you won’t have to worry about your house’s security anymore. So, which of these methods will you use to enhance the security of your door? 

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