Carpets are an excellent flooring option. They not only look good but make your floors soundproof and offer thermal insulation as well. Rugs and mats also make a house cozy, warm, and offer comfort. But it is also true that carpets can’t beat the clean and pristine look of hardwood floors. Moreover, hardwood flooring gives a modern touch to a house, and many people are ditching the carpets to go for this flooring type. If you have carpets flooring, but now you want to move back to your hardwood floors, you should get rid of the carpets first. This is usually a complex and messy process. High temperatures and lots of foot traffic cause the carpets to leave stains on the floors. These stains result from the residue that carpet padding leaves behind on the wooden floors.

Best Tips to Remove Carpet Pad Stains from Hardwood Floors

Here are some great ways to remove carpet pad stains from your hardwood floors. Let us have a look at them. 

1- A Mixture of Soap and Water

A mixture of soap and boiling water is said to be a perfect mixture to remove all kinds of stains. However, many people prefer using highly expensive chemicals, unaware of this household solution. To make this simple cleaning solution, mix 2-4 spoons of cleaning agent or soap with a bowl of boiling water. Stir it properly to make a perfect mixture, and then add the solution to a spray bottle. In addition, soap solution is also an excellent carpet cleaning agent. After adding the solution to the bottle, spray it generously on the carpet pad stains and leave it to work. Then use the dull spatula to scrape off the pad stains. Keep on doing this process until stains are removed completely.

2- A Mixture of Ammonia and Water 

Mixing ammonia with water creates a strong solution that can be applied to remove the stains of carpet paddings. However, some precautions are necessary before you start working with this solution. If you have used ammonia before, you will be familiar with its unpleasant odor. In addition, ammonia has several health risks and can be dangerous if precautions aren’t taken. Therefore, rubber gloves are a must to wear along with a mask and remember to work in a well-ventilated area. Mix an even amount of ammonia and water to make this solution. Then pour this mixture onto the carpet paddings and leave it for 10-15 minutes. Then scrub properly with a wire scrubber or a flat spatula to properly remove the stain

3- Use Denatured Alcohol

Another name for denatured alcohol is ethanol. It isn’t suitable for human consumption, but it easily dissolves all the grease and stains on the hardwood floors when used as a cleaning agent. It ensures the restoration of the shiny appearance of the floors. Here is how you can use the denatured alcohol to remove the carpet pad stains on the hardwood floors.

List of the Items needed

  • A bottle of the Denatured Alcohol 
  • Scrapper
  • Microfiber cloth 


  • Once you have removed the carpet padding from your hardwood floor, completely clean any remaining dirt and residue. Moisten the stained area with the denatured alcohol. 
  • Leave the solution on the stained area for at least 10minutes and let it work.
  • Carefully remove dirt with a soft mop or dull scraper. It should be easily removable at this point. 
  • Let the stained area dry on its own.

4- Use of Heat Gun 

Sometimes the household solutions might not be effective and may not clean the carpet pad stains properly. So, to remove these hard stains, you can heat them to a high temperature. A heat gun is a perfect option; however, if you don’t have a heat gun, you can use a hairdryer. After applying the cleaning solution on carpet pad stains, blow the hot air on it with a heat gun. This ensures that the stains on the pad loosen further to be easily removed.

5- Use of Dry Ice 

By Cleanliness Janitorial experts dry ice has several advantages that many people do not know. One of them is removing dirt from carpets and floor coverings by spraying the dry ice on the desired area. However, you will need to scrape off the area further with a spatula. Dry ice removes the stickiness of the carpet pad stains. This is a well-known procedure known as Dry Ice Blasting as Carbon dioxide is sprayed onto the surface with a spray bottle. The key benefit of using dry ice is that it turns into gas, leaving no residue. 

6- Wallpaper Steamer 

Using a wallpaper steamer isn’t easy as it drips out boiling water; therefore, wear appropriate gloves to avoid burns. This is commonly used to remove the dirt on the carpets but works exceptionally well in removing carpet pad stains. For this method, turn the steamer on and place it on the carpet pad stains. It doesn’t take long for the steam to dissolve the dirt. After that, simply use a scraper to remove the dirt. However, this method is not that efficient, and you must try a solution with it. First, spray a mixture of water and ammonia on the stains. Then rub it properly with a brush or a cloth. After that, use the wallpaper steamer on the dirty floor. Finally, wipe it off the wood flooring with the help of a towel.

7- WD40 Cleaning Agent

The WD40 cleaning agent is well-known for removing almost any type of stains from various surfaces. Whether the stains are on a car or your hardwood floor, you will be surprised to see the magic of this cleaning agent. It works amazingly to clean the carpet underlay and remove it from the hardwood flooring. Just spray it on the desired area and scrape off the pad stain with a scraper. At last, you can wet mop the floor to bring back its shine.

You can follow any of the methods shared above to remove the carpet pad stains from your hardwood floors. Just follow the method properly, and you will get excellent results. 

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