The auto locksmith industry has grown exponentially over the years due to advancements in technology. Technology has dramatically changed the vehicle’s security system. Just a few years ago, people had long and cumbersome keys for their cars, and sometimes they were so large that they were too difficult to fit in a trouser’s pocket. Now things have changed a lot. There are small key fobs or sometimes just a thin card to unlock your car and it can even fit in your purse. But a few things also remained the same, these high-tech locks can also wear out, break down, malfunction, or even get lost. This is why the auto locksmith industry has evolved over time and adopted new methods and techniques to meet the needs of people in difficulty. And that is why the demand for auto locksmiths has increased. This article will explain what an auto locksmith can do during a Car Lockout in Inglewood CA and how they make car keys.

There are many ways to make a lost, broken, or stuck-in-the-lock car key.

Making A Car Key Using The VIN (Vehicle Identification Number)

People who have lost their vehicle keys can typically have new keys made by auto Locksmiths specializing in vehicle keys, including new transponder keys with a computer chip embedded in the key head. To make the car keys with the VIN (Vehicle Identification Number), you will be required to arrange with the locksmith with evidence that you are the owner of the vehicle. The VIN is a 17 character number typically found on a metal plate visible through the lower corner of the windshield or sometimes elsewhere on the vehicle.

The Professional locksmith then gives the VIN(Vehicle Identification Number) and customer information to the National Automotive Service Task Force (NASTF) to obtain a key code that can be used to cut a new key. On the other hand, a third-party company can acquire a key code, after providing the locksmith’s large structure identifier or LSID. In any of the scenarios, the key code will be utilized to make a new key using data from the car manufacturer company.

Creating A Key That Has A Transponder

There are two main types of car keys. The first is car keys that are not connected to a key fob or an electrical part. These are fairly straightforward to do and are not that different from getting a duplicate house key from a typical residential locksmith. Where it gets a little trickier is with car keys attached to a keychain.

Many of these keys are also transponder keys which means they have a chip that is programmed only for this car. Without the ignition interpreting the code programmed into the key fob chip, the car will not start. You can ask an auto locksmith to duplicate only the key part of the keychain.

Newer car models mostly use transponder keys. Transponder keys have an electronic chip included in the head of the key. When the key is inserted into the ignition system, the key chip inactivates the engine immobilizer, allowing the engine to start. Without the accurate chip, the key will not start the car. Once the locksmith identifies the blank key and the correct transponder chip from the vehicle information, the locksmith can program the transponder using this technique:

● Key cloning


Key cloning is the process that produces a key which is an exact copy of the physical key cuts as well as data found on the transponder chip.

● Key programming

This part uses a specialized computer and software specially designed for programming the vehicle keys. Thanks to the specialized software used by the locksmith, he will identify the required method and proceed with the cloning of the key or its programming in the vehicle. The programming software will let auto locksmiths add and remove keys.

To program a car key, remote, or FOB, an automotive locksmith will connect your computer with the appropriate software to its onboard diagnostic port. But no matter if it makes life a bit easier, it’s good to have an identical key for safekeeping.

Extracting And Duplicating A Broken Car Key

If your car key is broken, you should seek the help of a pro auto locksmith. By hiring an auto locksmith, it will be much more convenient to get your car back on the road without wasting time. Car keys are broken more often when used in the wrong lock or due to a year of wear and tear, which happens very often.

Many people then try to remove the key with DIY methods, but soon realize that they have simply damaged the entire lock or ignition system. If this happens to you, it is recommended that you do not try to remove the key yourself, but rather hire one.

A locksmith will arrive at your current location within 40 to 45 minutes as they are always on the go. Auto locksmiths use both key removal kits and key removal tools to fill these cracks and remove the key. An auto locksmith has a special removal tool with a few additional aids.

A key extraction instrument is a small, skinny piece of metal with two small hangers on the end that are used to attach to the key. Sometimes shrill gears like pliers are also used to hold both sides of the tug. Soon the locksmith will remove the key and he will make a new key for you.

Key Decoding

Locksmiths use visual decoding to make new keys for a lock. This can be an option when you have a used car key that no longer works properly, such as a user key of a very old vehicle. The auto locksmith will inspect the key to evaluate how a new key should be cut, then use these visual codes/cues to create a new key that exactly matches the old worn-out key.

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