Carpets look quite nice but are a little difficult to maintain. Unlike tiles, they get stains and even start to smell if not cleaned properly on time. Other than not being cleaned on time, there are many other reasons carpets smell. Perhaps your kid spilled milk on them, and it seeped inside, or there is a crack on your roof due to which the water leaked into your rugs. Such problems make your rugs and mats smell and facilitate the growth of mold on them. Therefore, it is quite important to take extra care of your carpets. However, if they still end up getting a sour smell, here is how you can remove the bad odor without spending much. Of course, you can hire a professional carpet cleaner but first, try cleaning the carpet yourself by using the following methods.

1- Use of Baking Soda

Baking soda is a common kitchen item in almost every house. It’s enormously effective at soaking up liquids in addition to removing pungent odors. So in case, you find a sour smell coming out of your rugs, take out baking soda from your kitchen, and sprinkle a sufficient quantity of it on them. Leave the powder there for more than one hour if the odor is light. But if the smell is stronger, you can keep the soda on the rug throughout the day. After that vacuum clean the entire area properly to remove the powder. When the powder is cleaned away, you will notice the smell is gone as well. Carpet cleaning with baking soda is very effective.

2- Use of Vinegar

If there’s a musty smell coming out of your rugs or mats, there is a chance of mold developing in the fibers. To eliminate the odor, you will have to get rid of the mold first. However, there is no need to panic as you don`t need any top-rated chemical compounds for this. Vinegar is a powerful and low-cost material that helps get rid of odors from your carpet. Add only one cup of vinegar with two cups of hot water in a bottle and shake it properly. Spray this cleaning solution on the entire area and let it dry in the open air. The strong smell of vinegar will neutralize any kind of smell once it dries. To make the solution more effective, you can also add baking soda, which will remove the smell more quickly.

3- Enzyme Cleaners

If you love pets and have them inside the house, your carpets are bound to get damaged often. You will find pet hair on them frequently, and your carpets may smell as well. Pet urine can destroy rugs to a great extent. One of the best ways to remove these bad odors is to use an enzyme cleaner. These cleaners are available in the market easily and are not much expensive. Enzymes in these cleaners accelerate the process of microorganisms feeding on organic matters, including blood, vomit, urine, and feces. This will get rid of the sour smell in no time and will provide you with a clean and smell-free carpet.

4- Remove Musty Smells with the Help of Vodka

If you think that vodka is only used for making delicious cocktails, you need to reconsider. Vodka is an excellent stain remover and can eliminate musty smells as well. When you want to remove any kind of stain from your rug, you can spray a few drops of vodka on it. Experts advise leaving the vodka there for about ten to fifteen minutes. Once the affected area gets dry, you can vacuum clean it. This will remove any kind of smell and stain that the carpet had.

5- A Good Carpet Cleaner

Carpet cleaners are easily available in any grocery store. There are many exceptional cleaners from which you can choose. But before buying one, carefully read the instructions to get an idea of the stains and odors that the cleaner removes. It is better to apply the cleaner on a small patch before applying it on the complete carpet. It is just a precautionary measure that you should take to avoid any side effects that the cleaner may have on your carpet. A top-rated cleaner is very powerful because it goes deep into the carpet’s fibers and works effectively. Moreover, it will leave your rugs almost dry at the end, which reduces the danger of mold or mildew growing on them.

6- Mix Baking Soda and Different Oils

You can use baking soda to make many different cleaning solutions. One way is to mix oil with it to create a strong solution. If you need a thoroughly cleaned rug along with a pleasant fragrance, you can blend baking soda with some essential oils. Essential oils are those oils that are extracted from certain plants. The fragrance of these oils is effective in cleaning odors, so they are used to deodorize carpets. Lemon, grapefruit, and lavender are some of the favorite choices of people for bringing a clean and nice smell to their carpets and houses. However, choosing these oils can be a little hard as some have a strong scent which can be problematic for asthmatic patients. To make a cleaning solution of baking soda and essential oils, you have to combine one cup baking soda with 15 drops of oil in a container. Give it an excellent shake to combine the whole thing thoroughly; otherwise, the mixture will not be effective. Then sprinkle a good quantity of the mixture on the whole carpet, especially on the area that has the smell. If the smell is strong, you can keep the solution there for a long time and then vacuum clean the whole area at the end.

Final Thoughts:

You can try any of the methods mentioned above to remove bad odor from your carpet. If these methods don’t help, then you can always call a professional carpet cleaning company to help you out. But do try DIY solutions first.

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