Did you recently move into a new house? Congratulations! But unless you were the one who built it, there’s probably some work to be done! Cleaning a new house after construction is a headache for most homeowners. Before you get settled with your new house, the first thing you need to do is to clean it from top-to-bottom and bottom to top. Construction dust includes various types of toxins and harmful debris. To get rid of theses dust, you need proper cleaning supplies.

What to Include in Your Checklist

Your post-construction cleaning checklist should cover all areas of your home. You need to inspect all areas of your home from windows, landscaping, floors to ceiling, and removal of trash, dirt, and debris.


  • Dust entrance/ exit door
  • Dust all light switches and fixtures
  • Wipe down windows
  • Mop the floor
  • Clean door, doorknobs, and door frames
  • Sweep entrance ways

Living Rooms

  • The living room should be clutter and dust-free
  • Vacuum and mop the floors
  • Dust all light fixtures and switches
  • Clean Window, window sills, and window tracks
  • No stains of paint on floors
  • Clean the wall
  • Trash removed
  • Clean doors and door frames


  • Dust all shelves and counters
  • Clean all cabinets inside/out
  • Clean all appliances
  • Sweep and mop the floor
  • Clean and scrub sink
  • Wipe down all fixtures and finishes


  • Clean and sanitize bathtub, shower, and sink
  • Clean and sanitize the toilet
  • Wipe down mirror and glass doors
  • Clean inside of cabinets and drawers
  • Clean windows, light fixtures, door frames, and doorknobs
  • Trash is removed


  • Cleaning inside cupboards
  • Dust ceiling fans and light fixtures
  • Wipe down baseboards
  • Dust all shelves
  • Removing paint stains from floors
  • Mop the floors

Outdoor Spaces

  • Remove all the trash from premises
  • Pressure wash the walkways, fence, and deck
  • Sweep and mop all the pathways
  • Clean and dust garage doors
  • Wash the exterior windows

Detailed Cleanup for Newly Built Home

You have recently finished building a new house and need to clean it up. You probably have all kinds of tools that could be useful in cleaning your new home. Here are some tips to help you out with your project.

Sweep Floors

Sweep floors in the house after post construction is a process that should be started immediately while you’re still waiting for your furniture to arrive. Some people think it’s wise to postpone this as long as possible, but you’ll need to sweep the floors every time before you have a chance to do vacuum cleaning in your house. Not only will sweeping remove most if not all of the dirt and debris still clinging to the floor, but it also helps aerate it. This means that when you finally do start vacuuming, your machine will be able to pick up even more dirt, dust, and debris.

Dust Everything

Dust everything. Anyone who has moved into a new house or apartment knows how much construction dust can invade the air of your home for months following the starting of construction. Remember to clean every corner of your house, including blinds, window frames, cupboards, and other surfaces.

Open the Windows

Open your windows to let go of all the paint smell and that strange suffocation of that built-in newly constructed home. Fresh air will draw out the dust, reduce odors of chemicals and eliminate the musk of wood.

Vacuum the Floors

The construction workers are gone, and now you are left with a new house. If this is your first home, you might be confused about what to do next. You should know that the worst thing for a newly constructed home is to leave it dirty. To preserve the furniture and floors, vacuuming the area after construction is the most important task you must perform as soon as you step into your new abode. Vacuuming your floors will take a little more care and attention; just before mopping the floor, use a dryer sheet to gather all the dust here. When dust is gone, it is time to mop.

Wash hard Surfaces

Washing hard surfaces is the easiest and most effective way to clean up the mess. Then you will feel better about your place. A lot of people disregard dust because it’s not a mess. You can save time by washing walls, floors, and windows yourself. Wipe off countertops and any other hard surface before tackling the dirt on the floor. Sweep out any visible dust and wash all the floors and walls.

Disinfect the Surfaces

When contractors leave your house, you need to disinfect all the surfaces.           

How long Does it Take to Clean a Newly Constructed House?

A newly built home is one of the most exciting times in your life. But the question is, how long does it take to clean a newly constructed home? Let’s find out!

It depends on several factors.

Scope of Work

The size of residential property will determine how much time it will take to clean the house from top to bottom after construction.

Types of Work Done

Some contractors leave a lot more dust and debris behind. So it will take longer to clean such a mess.

How Many People are Involved

If more people are involved in the cleaning, it will take less time to clean. So cleaning also depends on no of people.

Experience and Equipment

Unexperienced people with fewer cleaning tools and supplies will take more time while professionals can do it in a few hours.

To Wrap Up

Post-construction cleaning takes more training, energy, and time than regular residential cleaning. Cleaning after building a new house is a difficult house. There might be a few things that can be done by yourself, but call a professional if you are not an expert.

If you feel like you can do it yourself, you can always turn to some professionals.

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