The tropical climate is a kind of extreme weather condition in which people of these areas have to bear high temperatures, heavy rain, and storm. If you are planning to build a house in any of these areas then you must have to think and work deeply to find the best options for you. The main part of the house in any kind of area is its roof which makes the house safe from the external environment including these kinds of adverse weather conditions. The roof must be selected quite wisely so that it will help your house is cooling down the internal temperature. So your house roof design must be appropriate according to your tropical climate environment.

In this regard, we have gathered some of the important roofing ideas for you which will make your house as cool as you want it to be after artificial air conditioning. So let’s have a look at these carefully:

1. Terracotta Clay Tile Roofs:

Terracotta is a kind of earthenware that is being used in these kinds of areas excessively due to its cold nature. It provides your house a stylish look while keeping it fully cold irrespective of the high temperature of the external environment. The effectiveness is due to its burning process in a kiln which makes it more heat resistant. The only negativity of this kind of roofing is its weight as we know clay or clay tiles weigh more than the others. So get proper knowledge from roofing services, provider

Terracotta Clay Roof Tiles

2. Use Green Roof Design:

By the word green, it is clear that we actually mean the green grass and plants that we can use as a roof building material. It might seem quite odd but the results are even more worth it. This kind of roof will provide an elegant look to your house and other than that you can experience a cold environment inside the house in these kinds of areas due to the greenery on the roof. The only thing that you only need to take care of in this situation is the drainage and you can ensure it by applying proper waterproof layers underneath it.

Green Roof Design

3. Concrete Slab Roof Design:

These kinds of slab roofs are the best option, especially for those who do not have enough capacity to spend on these. Concrete roofs are just available in the market with the same designs as terracotta which makes air circulation easy and makes the internal environment cool and airy. You can find these tiles or slabs in the market with different designs and colors for giving your house a more astonishing look.

Concrete Slab Roof Design

4. Flat Roofing Tiles in Lighter Colors:

If you don’t want to go for the option of ceramic or terracotta tiles then you might like this one. You can add flat tiles of any of the light colors that are quite light in weight and can cost you less than the previously discussed options. One other advantage of these tiles is that the lighter colors f tiles reflect much of the heat and UV radiations from the sun and can protect you from the harsh weather easily.

No matter what you have decided to opt for the material for the construction of your roof but only keep one thing in your mind. While selecting the material try not to go for the darker colors as these are more reactive to sunlight and absorb much of the light and UV rays and can make your house a heating oven for you. Try to keep the roof colors light.

5. Metallic Roofs Design:

Metallic roofs can also be the best option for your house in any of the tropical regions. This metal usually consists of aluminum, copper, and steel. This kind of roof is a bit more expensive than the others due to being metallic in nature but it has more advantages as well. As we are well aware of the fact that metal takes more time in getting hot and become cool rapidly. So in the morning, it will take a bit more time to heat up, and at night it will cool down quickly.

Metal Roof Design

6. Straw or Bamboo Roofing Design:

While searching for the best material for the roof, then bamboo is also a better option for tropical regions. It has great resistance to extreme weather conditions as well as high temperatures. Bamboos are lighter in weight than any other material and can also cost you less as compared to others. Bamboo roofs and straw-thatched roofs have great resistance to heat and provide cooling effects as well. These kinds of roofs are becoming more popular in China and US as it provides a pure and natural look to the house.   

Bamboo Roof Design

Final Thoughts:

That is quite a tricky option to select the material for your roof as it must be long-lasting providing you complete security against the external environment as you are spending enough on it. So keep searching on the internet regarding this and you can find all the answers to your questions quite easily on deco facts as it provides you always with the best ideas for improvement. These are the 6 best roof designs for tropical climates according to your living surroundings. These roofing designs can be implemented in any living area.

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