A garage door opener is important to keep your garage door functioning smoothly. If it is damaged or its mechanism fails, then your whole door can get out of order. This is why if you want to buy a garage door opener, then you should take your time learning about the different types of openers available in the market and get familiarized with their mechanics. Different types of openers feature different functionalities, and you should decide according to your need and the type of your garage door. Below are some common types of openers and some insight into which of them works the best for heavy doors and how much they will cost.

Top 5 Best Garage Door Openers for Heavy Doors

Here is the list of best garage door openers for heavy doors.

1- Chain Drive Model 

Chain drive models are one of the most powerful models in garage door openers. They feature a metal chain attached to a motor that propels the trolley to pull up and open the door and push it back to close. If the chain-driven opener is equipped with a robust motor, it becomes a powerful tool suitable for operating heavy doors. The only problem with the chain drive model is the noise level. These openers are inexpensive, but they make a lot of noise and rattling during operation. Therefore, they are not suitable to be used in garages that are connected to the living room or bedroom. Also, you don’t want your neighbors to complain about the intolerable noise coming from your home. This may be an issue when you live in a packed neighborhood. However, the issue subsides if you live in an area that’s a bit far from the main city. 

2- Belt-Driven Openers

By Master Lift Professionals there are several similarities between Chain Drive and Belt-driven models; however, the latter is quieter and smoother in its operation. The Belt Drive opener models are relatively expensive as considered to chain models. But if you’re looking for performance and less noise, it’s worth the price. A motor is attached to these models as powerful as the Chain drive models, but the use of a belt eliminates the noise and vibrations, ensuring smooth operation. They are very suitable for heavy wooden doors. Especially when you have a garage door next to a living room or bedroom, this is what you should get. Furthermore, if you want something easy to install and maintain, the Belt-driven model is the one for you. 

3- Screw Drive Model 

Screw Drive opener models consist of threaded steel rods. These rods rotate to move the trolley along its track, opening and closing the garage door. Like the Belt Drive model, they operate very quietly and smoothly. This gives them an edge over the Chain models. However, since there are few moving parts, maintenance is required more often, and this is the only flaw of these models.  

4- Direct Drive Openers

Direct Drive models are different in design from the other three models. They act as units, moving the entire device to pull, open, push, and close the door. The motor acts as a trolley and moves along the track to raise and lower the garage doors. Due to this significant reduction in the number of parts used, the Direct-drive opener has the smoothest mechanism. Another benefit of the Direct-drive model is that it is quieter than the other ones. Furthermore, if you are tired of the regular maintenance of your door, then this model is the best choice for you because it only has one functioning part, so simple lubrication makes it long-lasting.

5- Openers With a Security Light

Many openers have security features installed in their mechanism, which differ from one model to another. For example, the latest door openers feature a security light that turns on when the door opens and turns off automatically when it is closed. A good opener also creates an electron beam or sensor that comes in handy for its anti-trap mechanism. It also recognizes the presence of animals or people at the door and prevents the door from closing to prevent injury.

Which Garage Door Opener Is Best for Heavy Doors? 

The best heavy-duty openers are door openers with 3/4 horsepower or more motors and other features needed to operate a heavy garage door. Many people worldwide consider Chain models and Belt-driven models as the best options for heavy doors. But among these two, belt models are better considering the fact that they produce less noise.

When Should You Get Your Garage Doors Replaced? 

Most garage door openers have a simple mechanism and last for a long time. The life expectancy of an opener is 10 to 15 years, but with regular roller and spring maintenance, you can get more than 20 years. Even if your opener is still working properly, there are still some good reasons to replace it. Some of these reasons are:

  • Enhanced security 

Old opener models are not much secure. Since opener remotes work with fixed cords, some thieves can easily use a special device to find that cord. In this way, they can easily open the door and get inside. Therefore, an updated and latest door opener like the direct drive is what you need. 

  • Backup

One of the inconveniences people face due to an electricity outage is when the door opener stops. Therefore, garage door openers with a battery backup are preferred by most people. 

  • Slow Movement of the Door

When a garage door becomes old, it starts moving slowly because of less lubrication and outdated wirings. Sometimes the opener detaches itself from the door. As a result, the door falls on the ground, which can be dangerous. Therefore, as soon as you see slow movement, you should replace the opener.

How Much Does a Garage Door Opener Cost?

The cost of a garage door opener entirely depends upon the model you want and the area you live in. As you move towards the devices of top-rated companies that offer more security and smooth movements, the prices get higher. However, the labor and installation cost is not entirely dependent upon the model you are getting. It changes from location to location depending upon the area you are residing in. Moreover, if your garage door opener installation needs extra wiring to be done, the labor cost increases. You can easily find a high-quality door opener at local hardware stores. 

Now that you know a lot about garage door openers make your decision wisely while buying them as they are one of the most important components of a garage door. 

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