A deck offers amazing outdoor space and enhances a house’s value. You can bask all day under the sun on your full sun deck and enjoy the weather alone or with your family. When it comes to decks, there are many different types. You have a vast range of options available while choosing the material and design for your deck. You should decide according to your preferences, budget, and the type of deck you want.

7 Best Composite Deck designs for full sun

So, if you are looking for the best composite decking, here are some of the best ones stated below for you to choose from. Let’s have a look. 

1.   Teak Decking

Water-resistance is one of the prime characteristics you should look for when you are going to have composite decking for full sun. Teak happens to be the best material for this purpose as it is famous for its water-resistant capabilities. Due to its resistance to rot and mold, it is commonly used in the areas situated around the equator. This material is highly durable in such areas as it withstands vibrant and intense sunlight. With good oils and stains, the blush retains its intense color for most of the time while turning to a graceful gray. However, if you skip regular maintenance like deck staining service, the grading process of the teak will start very quickly. 

2. Fortress Composite Decking 

The fortress composite decking makes heat-resistant decks made up of bamboo, plastic, and some other similar materials. These materials are ideal for full sun composite decking and are also eco-friendly. The deck boards of fortress decking are UV resistant and are long-lasting. This is achieved by the degradation of molecules mostly caused by exposure to sunlight. This kind of decking is further ideal for humid rainy climates and poolside patios. Furthermore, fortress decking contains antibacterial compounds, which make it completely water repellent. This means there is no risk of spoilage or decomposition due to moisture formation. 

3. Fiberon Decking

Fiberon decking uses a product called Capstock, which is also perfect to be used under full sun. Here, all of the outer layers are further covered with a material made of plastic, making it completely weather resistant. Like other products for composite decking, recycled materials are also used here to make a mixture. Antioxidants are also added to the compound for additional sunlight and heat resistance. Hence, a final product is made, which ultimately maintains material integrity at a small scale level. 

4. Eucalyptus Composite Decking

The eucalyptus tree produces very thick and fine-grained deck boards that are highly durable and don’t easily tear. Also, because it contains a lot of oil, it is extremely resistant to water and pests. Even if a protective cover isn’t provided on the eucalyptus board, they have proven extremely resilient to UV light. However, there are some disadvantages if you wish to use it as your chief material for composite decking. First of all, Eucalyptus is rarely found; hence, installation and purchasing costs are relatively high. Then, it is hard enough to require pre-drilling, making it sold in random layers of different lengths. This further increases the installation work and the cost. However, if Eucalyptus is easily available in your area, it is the best product to resist the UV rays of the full sun.

5. Acacia Decking

Acacia, which is commonly termed a grasshopper, has been used for centuries in countries exposed to too much sunlight. This has been widely used to build homes, decks, furniture, and tools. Like all other types of composite decking, acacias are perfect for the areas that get most of the full sun. Mixed with top-quality sealants and even slightly colored stains, such decking can greatly help repel the harmful UV rays coming from the sun. 

6. TimberTech Composite Decking 

The manufacturers of TimberTech composite decking ensure that these deck boards are made to resist cracks, mold, and harmful UV rays of the sun to keep the natural look of wood. Recycled materials are mainly used to manufacture these deck boards. Mainly 80% of the content in capped composite decking is recycled, but if polymer composite decking is used, it is 50%. The capped polymer sheets are very thick and are further molded by PVC plastic. Moreover, they have a very durable topcoat on the exposed surface to provide resistance to sunlight. Woodgrain wood is usually covered with matching end boards. They can be further made in different colors to match the aesthetics of a house. However, the prime benefit of having TimberTech is that it does not fade easily. 

7. Post-Consumer and Industrial Material Composite Decking

Several composite decks are made from 80% and 90% post-consumer and post-industrial materials. And the best part about them is that they are made free from preservatives, for example, formaldehyde. To make them eco-friendly and limit the transportation cost, manufacturers of these deck boards find raw materials from a specific area. After acquiring the raw materials, the deck is formed by extrusion and features a co-extruded polypropylene outer covering. These deck boards are usually mounted with hidden fixing strips, and similar fascia boards cover the edges. The manufacturers guarantee a long-lasting stain and fade resistance from direct sunlight.

Moreover, this composite decking is extremely resistant to wear and tear. Maintaining the boards of this decking is also very easy and requires household items. Bleach-free dishwashing liquid is the best material for cleaning and getting back the natural appearance of this wood. However, if you are thinking of doing a pressure wash, experts don’t recommend it as it will cause fading.

Final Thoughts

You would know by now that if you want a full sun deck, then one of the ideal materials to go for is composite. You should ensure that you are not using just any composite but the best one for your full sun deck to make it more durable and long-lasting. Simply choose any of the composite decking types stated above and have a beautiful and reliable deck made for your outdoor space. 

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